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The castle of Grand Bigard is located 7 km West of Brussels. The site has been occupied by several of the Lords of Bigard since the twelfth century. The castle has had 40 owners including many of the famous lords of the Spanish Empire and the Protestant movement of the sixteenth century. The castle as it exists today was built in several  sections with the original parts, surrounded by a moat, date from the mid-fifteenth century.

This year the castle was the site of a grand display of 800,000 tulips donated by a number of Dutch growers. The purpose of the exhibit is to raise money for the restoration of the castle.

Below you will see thumbnails of some of the pictures we took during our visit in late April when the flowers were in full bloom. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size picture.

You've made the complete circuit!
Hope you enjoyed it half as much as we did.